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Adoption Process

Make sure to read the whole process of adoption before filling out your application.

So you are thinking about adding a Maine Coon kitten to your family! Congratulations! If you have or have had a Maine Coon in the past, then you already know what an incredibly special cats they are.  They are the largest of the domestic cat breeds, and healthy males can often weigh between 25-35 pounds at maturity.  The average weight for a male Maine Coon is around 18 pounds at maturity.  Maturity for a Maine Coon is later than for most breeds of cats, with Maine Coons taking a full three years to reach their full size and weight.  It is also not unusual for a Maine Coon to live up to 15 years with proper care.  The oldest living Maine Coon on record is Rubble, who lived 38 years!!  They are also the oldest domestic breed in the United States.

Since you already know that they are larger than most other cat breeds and have a relatively long life expectancy, you are ready to make a special one part of your family!  The first thing to do is to pick a King and Queen that has features that you like, and fill out an adoption application for an upcoming litter, or for a current litter if there are any kittens available.  Since there are often more applications than kittens, you may have to wait a few months for your purrfect kitten if you are selected to be one of our new pet parents if we find you would be a great addition to the KimberCoons family!  Purrspective pet parents will be notified when their litter of choice is born so that they can start the process of choosing their purrfect new kitten, and place a deposit to hold them.  Then, the fun begins!!  New pet parents will be emailed photographs of their new babies at least once every two weeks, or more.  Kittens can come home at 16 weeks of age after they have had all of their first year shots and have been spayed or neutered.  After the initial deposit, pet parents are welcome to make payments on their new fuzzy bundles of joy up until three weeks before delivery.  Kittens will be observed for 10 days after alteration, then they can come home!    


If you see an upcoming mating or a current kitten that interests you, please fill out the application form above.  Once you have filled it out, email it back to, then stay tuned for birth announcements!


Thanks for submitting!
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