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 We are KimberCoons Maine Coons

We started in 2020, with our first King, Neveahs Paws Erik the Great acquired in 2021.  Erik the Great reigns proudly over his kingdom, and the rest of his fluffer family.  Currently, his subjects consist of the founders of KimberCoons, Kimberly (lady in waiting), Neveahs Paws Charlie (Knight of the Round Food-bowl), and Neveahs Paws Benjamin who is the Royal Food Tester.  The Court Jester is a Maine Coon rescue, Pumpkin.  We have two princes that aspire to be kings someday, Ginger Pascal, and Neveahs Paws Rafael.  We have one Queen, Quincee Oxymoron (known as Marilyn in our castle).  We have four princesses that aspire to ascend to queendom someday, Alegiancelove X-Aster (Princess Sophia), Marelax Pride Urmala, Alegiancelove Deanna, and Alegiancelove Delora. 


We currently do not have any kittens available as they have all been chosen by their new fluffer families.

Kimberly -Your Breeder

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Ben and Jamie.jpg

I am the mother of two beautiful children who proudly serve our country.  I am also a Utility Inspector for Railroads, and a Maine Coon Crazy Cat Lady.

Available Rescues

We currently do not have any rescues available, mainly because I decide the keep them all.  I'm kind of hopeless that way.  Lee Asher can relate....... @AsherHouse

Careers: Careers

King   Neveahs Paws Erik the Great

Neveahs Paws Charlie - Knight of the Round Food Bowl

Princess Maralex Pride Urmala
N eveahs Paws   Benjamin - Royal Food Tester
Princess Sophia (Alegiancelove X-Aster)
Court Jester - Pumpkin   (Rescue)
Prince Ginger Pascal